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“Hannah’s” son began receiving services with Rinn ABA in 2015 at the age of 1.5 years old. Here Hannah discusses her son’s progress.


“Melissa’s” son began receiving services with Rinn ABA in 2014. Here Melissa describes how her son’s behavior change increased the quality of life for the whole family.

Anna LafioscaAnna Lafiosca
01:53 09 Mar 23
I found Rinn ABA through another mom and she told me I wouldn’t be disappointed and boy was she right! From day one Rinn has become part of our family. All staff are amazing and are willing to brain storm with you to find a solution for your kiddo. I have 2 boys on the spectrum and my youngest is currently working with Rinn. He is so excited every day when his therapist arrives for session. I now have my older son on the waiting list and can’t wait for him to start with this wonderful company who feel like family.
Kirsten FernandezKirsten Fernandez
17:11 05 Dec 22
Rinn ABA Consulting gave me the training and resources to prepare myself for the world of ABA. They are accommodating, thoughtful and take your schedule and commitments into consideration. It's a great place to gain exposure and great guidance within the field of ABA. The BCBAs provide positive, direct, specific, supportive, and valuable feedback. On top of that, Ira is an amazing and compassionate boss. He is committed in providing high quality autism interventions. I am so glad to be a part of the Rinn family!
Rasmus JohansenRasmus Johansen
08:12 29 Nov 22
Our family used RINN as an ABA provider for a little over a year to help our son. In all of our dealings with them, we had a positive experience, starting with the very first overall assessment by the BCBA and throughout all of the sessions. Our son's needs did not fit neatly into a “ABA bucket.” Everyone at RINN understood that from the beginning and worked with him and us to focus on his specific needs. Our son made significant progress during the therapy. He was eventually able to transition to a mainstream educational environment, where he is thriving, in no small part thanks to all the work that RINN did with us. We stopped using them as a service, only because we were moving out of the area. Had we stayed, we would not have hesitated to continue working with them. We heartily recommend them.
Rachel JungRachel Jung
03:44 19 Nov 22
We were with Rinn ABA for three years. They are absolutely amazing.I am very happy to have my kid with Rinn.They hire reliable and experienced staffs and they are very responsive. They would give me a lot of advice when I am unsure of if I making the right choices for my son. Our BCBA and Ira(Rinn) are always there for you when you need help with schools and etc. they would work very hard to figure out what would make your child to improve the most.Their protocols and systems are very precise and I learn a lot from them.We feel very lucky that we met Rinn.
Stephanie PolancoStephanie Polanco
15:03 14 Nov 22
Rinn ABA is a pleasure to work with. The staff are so wonderful and kind. They listen to your concerns, give you tips on what to do when you have no clue on what your doing. Rinn is very helpful in everyway! We are stuck with Rinn for eternity!!