My child is receiving speech therapy and/or occupational therapy, isn’t that enough?

When a child is diagnosed with Autism, it suggests the child has more skill deficits or inappropriate behaviors than a speech therapist (SLP) and/or occupational therapist (OT) can address. They won’t provide enough treatment nor are they experts in addressing the areas children with ASD need help with. These areas can include but are not […]

Does Rinn ABA use any other methodologies besides ABA?

Rinn ABA Consulting provides applied behavior analysis (ABA) treatment exclusively, however, we consult with medical doctors, speech therapists, feeding specialists, sleep specialists, and many others when appropriate and, of course, with the appropriate permissions in place.  Depending on what your child has going on in their life with other therapies, we make sure to factor […]

Do parents get to decide what their children learn in ABA sessions?

We take a full inventory of what a parent would like us to work on with their child in ABA sessions. With that said, we follow assessments, industry standards, best practices, and the progress of the child to ascertain the initial treatment and path and any subsequent changes to that treatment path. Your feedback matters […]

What are the advantages of home-based ABA (as opposed to clinic–based)?

Home-based ABA therapy does have a few advantages over clinic-based sessions. Here are few of the main advantages: You get to monitor your child’s sessions when they take place in your home. Parent training naturally occurs in real-time when ABA sessions are in the home. After-the-fact summarization of sessions are helpful but nothing compares to […]

How long is each ABA session?

Sessions vary in length depending on your referral and authorization from your insurance company. Rinn ABA requires at least 3 sessions per week in order to reach milestones and foster progress with the child as well as the parents.