What is the difference between a BCBA and ABA therapist?

In short, BCBAs are the team leaders of the ABA community and ABA therapists and Registered Behavior Technicians (RBT) are in-the-field providers. See below for specifics to each role. BCBA Master’s level degree Treatment planner Performs initial assessments Sets goals and treatment plans Reviews data collected by therapists in-session Instructor trainer Supervises and trains therapists […]

Do parents get to decide what their children learn in ABA sessions?

We take a full inventory of what a parent would like us to work on with their child in ABA sessions. With that said, we follow assessments, industry standards, best practices, and the progress of the child to ascertain the initial treatment and path and any subsequent changes to that treatment path. Your feedback matters […]

Will ABA parents be trained? How often must I be available?

Parents will be trained on ABA concepts and tactics. 2 – 4 hours per months of meetings and/or trainings with your supervising BCBA is a typical parent-specific training schedule. You need to be present in the home when sessions occur, but not necessarily in the same room. Parents often prepare meals, tend to other children, […]