Home-based ABA therapy does have a few advantages over clinic-based sessions. Here are few of the main advantages:

  1. You get to monitor your child’s sessions when they take place in your home.
  2. Parent training naturally occurs in real-time when ABA sessions are in the home. After-the-fact summarization of sessions are helpful but nothing compares to seeing a behavior modification in real-time.
  3. Providing the initial teaching in the child’s home creates efficiency and helps the child apply the skills they learn to new environments and situations. This is referred to as “generalizing”.
  4. Home-based sessions have more flexibility. You are not necessarily bound to the hours of operation for a clinic and we do our best to work with your family’s schedule.
  5. ABA sessions that take place in the home are one-on-one all the time! The focus is 100% on your child’s needs.